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Nov. 6-16, 2007
Worth Ryder Art Gallery, University of California, Berkeley

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Out of Time Space Exhibition

"Another Country"
Organized by Laura Swanson:
Featured artists: Andrew McClintock, Beate Rathke, Daniel Farnum, David Yun, Dean
Dempsey, Donna J. Wan, Grant Ernhart, Jeremiah Jenkins, Kyle Sharp, Laura Boles Faw, Mi Ran Yu, Nuno Ramalho, Robert Burden

“Emergency Biennial Documentation”
organized by Evelyne Jouanno.

"Human Slavery in the Everyday, Resistance as Art"
Students & Artists Fighting to End Human Slavery
organized by Annie Fukushima
Contributors: Albert Nghiem, Alex Wong, Amy Chong, Brian Kom with Atomic Bear Press, Christine Stark, Cindy Gieng, Diana Chaudry, Elizabeth Guerrero, Henry Young, Ingrid Villalobos, Kingsley Kwong, Jamie Navarro, Jennifer Colker, Kenneth Mo, Robert Lima, and Sam San.
Photography Exhibit and Informational booth

“l’atelier du peintre” (The Painter’s Studio) and “les Tervurens invisibles” (The Invisible Tervurens)
Kristin Rogghe & Matthias De Groof
Two-Channel Video Installation

“Landu Bar”
Kristin Rogghe & Matthias De Groof
Small Monitor in Lounge

"Speaker Pans at Epcot, Disney"
Rose Khor
Single Channel Video

"Transformation of Space in Almaty"
Multi-media Installation

Daniel Gallegos "Moving Through Time and Space" (diptych), "Sensuality of Space" (diptych), "Three Heroes"
Oil on Canvas

Aminatou Echard "Bleu"
Video Installation

Gaisha Madanova "Transformations of Space"
Photo Installation

Zhanara Nauruzbayeva "Field-notes and Interview excerpts"
Printed Texts


Michelle Dizon
Two Channel Projection

"What the Market Bares"

Sarah Kanouse and Dara Greenwald
Video Installation

“writing on the walls”
Lindsay Benedict
Text on Walls

Work Space:
"Media Lab" organized by the Out of TimeSpace Organizing Collective

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