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Nov. 10, 2007 San Francisco Art Institute

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Global Lens Film Festival

November 10 (5:30 ­ 11 PM)

ON EACH SIDE (start time 6:00PM)

ON EACH SIDE (start time 6:00PM)

A film by Hugo Grosso

Argentina, 2006 (101 minutes)

There are moments when I feel like stepping into each of their stories, says
the photographer hired to document construction of a bridge that will
connect Victoria with Rosario‹two towns on either side of a river. But that
is a different movie, he sighs, unaware that his own story will be changed
by the lives he touches with his camera. Building the bridge takes years,
transforming lives on both sides of the river. It brings engineers and
construction workers, even creates its own legend‹it is said that until they
finish, it is not going to rain. Two carefree boys grow into teenagers on
the river, as the bridge takes shape; a mysterious engineer touches the
lives of the elderly sisters who rent him a room. The photographer's
pictures document the process of change, but even he is unprepared for the
transformation that only begins when the bridge is complete.

ENOUGH! (start time 8:30PM)

A film by Djamila Sahraoui

Algeria/France, 2006 (94 minutes)

Set in war­torn Algeria in the 1990s, Enough! follows two women on the
dangerous search for the younger woman's husband, a journalist whose
writings resulted in his disappearance. Both women represent anachronisms in
Islamist Algeria: the younger woman is a doctor, the older a nurse with
vivid memories of Algeria's fight for independence. Ignoring curfews and the
constant threat of ambush by armed militias, the two women challenge the men
they encounter to accept them and help them with their search. Their journey
leads them across the picturesque landscapes of Algeria, to a deeper
understanding of how their lives were shaped by their country's history.

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