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The Visuality and Alterity Working Group at University of California, Berkeley is hosting a symposium entitled Out of TimeSpace: Critical Dialogues on Visuality and Alterity for the fall of 2007, November 9 – November 11. The purpose of the symposium is to deepen an interdisciplinary conversation on theories and practices of visual experience and production in the context of multiple sites of alterities and social movements. In order to create a context for an expanded and trans-disciplinary debate amongst artists, art theorists, activists, cultural studies scholar activists, women’s studies scholar activists, art historians, ethnic studies scholar activists, and others, we will put the analysis of different scopic regimes of contemporary globalities in a comparative conversation with each other and create a discourse on visuality that recognizes and theorizes new circuits, modes and contents of exchange, critique and power. The symposium will create an opportunity for generating urgently needed and significant praxical transformations.