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One New Earth, Human trafficking: Creative Expression as a Tool for Resistance

Mobile Aesthetics & Social Movements

12:30 p.m. – 3 p.m. Polycentric sessions and screenings, San Francisco Art Institute, Lecture hall and classrooms
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Human Trafficking sells bits and pieces of our humanity on the whole auction block of the world. As a result, the holistic aspect of one’s humanity is lost in this dangerous trade. How do we combat the 3rd largest criminal activity in the world? United of course. Human liberation can only be reached through the unifying force of diverse people. Since we are made from the rib of creativity, we must also express our struggle through the tool of creativity. Creative mediums must be analyzed as assets that can inform and change society. It must be inclusive and include the survivors, activists, academia and artists, especially since each one depends on the other. In order for the message to be truly powerful, it must be spread by those who have been anointed enough to survive it and those who have the gift to interpret it: artists and survivors. For every survivor is also an artist as every artists is also a survivor. From this philosophy, the message about Human Trafficking, particularly sex trafficking and prostitution, will be more effective when told in its full perspective representation of artists and survivors