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The Out of TimeSpace: Critical Dialogues on Visuality and Alterity symposium is a multi-institutional, collaborative public symposium and series of visual art events. The symposium is sponsored collaboratively with the San Francisco Art Institute, reflecting a commitment to trans-disciplinarity and recognition of the centrality of the work of artists and art theorists in the conversation at hand. At both sites, we will host morning and afternoon panel discussions, roundtable discussions, small group “think tanks,” workshops, a film screening, an exhibition, and a website blog. The symposium will be a place where we can bring the central ideas that we are struggling with to a purposeful community for debate in the context of a wider community of scholars, artists and activists. We will open the dialogue to the community by way of a public call for submissions of papers, events and artworks. Invited lectures by scholars and artists will reflect on the central themes of the symposium.

Concerning the evolving global commons of critical, innovative, and imaginative responses to political, social, cultural and environmental crises.
Possible topics include:

• What are the alternative circuits of exchange that occur between sites in the Global South? What characterizes these circuits and determines their viability? How can they be supported or sustained?
• Fourth Cinema: new cinematic/media aesthetics from indigenous peoples and peoples of the Global South
• How do liberatory imaginings of "cyberspace" get negotiated or reworked in the generative contexts of open source and information access of community-based media
• Reconsidering the ‘Digital Divide’
• Developing comparative approaches to transnational digital culture analysis
• How can the transnational paradigm of Third Cinema be re-thought in the context of local struggles for information technology access and self-determination?

Our interest is in pluralizing the understanding of visual practices in transnational cultural formations in order to facilitate new, intersectional and relational connections between communities, histories and discourses.
Possible topics include:

• What are the emerging opportunities for reconfiguring translocal sodalities?
• What are the terms of the context that the globalized art world creates for visual artists in sites of geo-political and cultural alterity?
• What marks current global trends of critiques of power across visual systems?
• What are the discursive limits of art criticism and other disciplinary knowledges for critically engaging emerging translocal practices?
• How visual artists in the Global South have used the possibilities of the art world circuits and discourses of international biennials to question normative descriptions of democracy and produce new political visions.

Concerning the creative and communicative practices of urgent contemporary movements and the necessity of creating alternatives for just and sustainable presents and future forms of life.
Possible topics include:

• Human trafficking and resistance movements - What are the limitations of those practices and what can we articulate at this forum to imagine newer directions in the movement?
• Visual pedagogies and activism
• Comparative analysis of aesthetics of social movements
• What are the new translocal relationships that are currently emerging between visual/symbolic languages of cultural resistance?
• Whither the Cosmopolitan Other? The changing definitions of alterity in the contemporary geo-political world-system
• The question of the archive: What to carry forward into the next world?
• Gender and decolonial thinking

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